Photos & Memorabilia – Jack Llewellyn Jr.




Jack (Junior) with younger brother Charles, also an accomplished player, circa 1936




Jack (Junior) with an Epiphone “Triumph” circa 1937/early38.




Jack (Junior) with his prized Epiphone “Emperor” in a recording studio circa late 1938. Note the guitar is still without pick-up. Recordings were still acoustic in the pre Charlie Christian era. Note the huge overhead microphone. 







ABOVE: Page from Selmer catalogue of 1939.


BELOW: Page from Epiphone catalog of late 1930’s.  


















Jack (junior) with his much loved Epiphone Emperor.

“Harry” mentioned on the lower picture was Jack’s “fixer” – the agent who managed his engagements for him.











Jack at War

Egypt early 1940’s in the  Royal Marines.




Look out Rommel this Macaferri is loaded !










Publicity picture taken at the launch of the Van Straten guitars in London in 1946. Jack (Junior) seated left and Ivor Mairants took part in comparative trials of the Dick Knight built Van Stratens and other contemporary instruments.













Jack Jr with Bert Weedon and Ike Isaacs in the recording studio









Jack Jr out of retirement for a private birthday party.

The Rock Inn, Haytor Vale, 1970’s.

 Jack is playing a Gibson L7 guitar fitted with a Charlie Christian pick-up.








Jack’s brother Bernard playing his Hawaiian guitar at same party as above. The Rock Inn, Haytor Vale,






A younger photograph of Bernard