a sample of the music and guitar exercises taught and played by Jack Llewellyn.


These exercises are from Jack's technical articles in BMG between 1937 and 1939


v   Turnaround Exercise

v    Introduction In Ab

v    Alternate Picking with Major Chords

v    Alternate Picking with Pedal Tone

v    Whole Tone Exercise


Here is Jack's professional transcription of a Django Reinhardt tune published in 1938


v    Swing Guitars (transcription {1st guitar part only})


Jack gave this piece to Dick Sadleir for inclusion in his guitar tutor in 1938


v    Random Thoughts (transcription & tab)


Here are some examples of how Jack developed his melodies


v    Stardust (analysis)

v    Misty (analysis)


This is Jack's hand written manuscript / fingering chart for a classical favourite


v    Flight Of The Bumble Bee - Rimsky-Korsakov