This is a very relaxed arrangement in which the notes just flow into the appropriate niches and some quantization has been necessary in order to render a workable transcription.

As well as his decorated statement of the melody Jack has inserted “fills” such as those that would normally be played by another instrument in band or small group arrangements and which he highlights by using different techniques. For example, the echo of the opening three note statement in bars 1 and 9 is played an octave higher in artificial harmonics and the turnaround passage in bars 7 & 8 is played in Wes Montgomery style octaves. Contrasting them clearly against the predominantly single note melody.

Wes’s influence on Jack is also apparent in bar 11 where the Cm7 arpeggio over the Abmaj7 chord transforms it into Abmaj9 in what can be described as a classic Wes “signature lick” . Another nod towards the greats.

Tablature available on request.